Inaccuracies and Controversies

I strive to keep the information in my videos accurate, but I am not always able to meet that goal. On this page, I list where my videos contain factual errors or information that may be controversial.

I am currently reviewing my videos for inaccuracies and controversies, so this page is not yet complete. I will add to this page as I find examples.

E8-13: Interstate 75, Knoxville - Jellico

3:05 - Inaccuracy
The highway heading north towards Oak Ridge is Tennessee 162, not Tennessee 164.

E7-26: Alaska 1, Anchorage Inbound

3:09 - Missing Information
When the video turns onto Glenn Highway, the Interstate designation changes from A3 to A1.

E7-25: Alaska 1, Turnagain Arm

2:20 - Inaccuracy
Alaska 1 is only designated as Interstate A3 from Soldotna to Anchorage. The section from Anchorage to Palmer is designated as Interstate A1.

E7-19: 1,000 Subscriber Special, Alaska 1, Anchorage Outbound

0:13 - Inaccuracy
The video does not follow Interstate A3. It instead follows Interstate A1.

1:05 - Inaccuracy
Only the section of Alaska 1 from Soldotna to Anchorage is designated as Interstate A3. From the beginning of Glenn Highway in Anchorage to the Canadian border on the Alaska Highway, the route is designated as Interstate A1.

9:12 - Inaccuracy
The interchange is between Alaska 3/Interstate A4 and Alaska 1/Interstate A1. Interstate A3 ended at the end of Seward Highway in Anchorage, and the video currently follows Interstate A1, not Interstate A3.

9:32 - Inaccuracy
The video does not end at the northern terminus of Interstate A3. It ends at the southern terminus of Interstate A4.

E2-14: Interstate 70, Inbound Denver, CO

2:21 - Inaccuracy
The entire video is spent in the Denver Metropolitan Area.

E2-1: US-26, The Sunset Highway at Sunset

This video follows US-26, not US-24.